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Table for Two - A Kallah's Cookbook

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Table for Two: A Kallah's Cookbook is THE cookbook for every kallah. You’ll find all the basic recipes plus lots more here, from pancakes to burgers; cholent to chocolate-chip cookies; chicken poppers to potato kugel; breakfast, lunch, supper, and Shabbos meals. And…no more wastefulness or having to brush up on your division skills while standing over the mixer: most of the recipes are specifically designed for two eaters!


  • 200 tried-and-true recipes, all of which use everyday ingredients to create delicious and gourmet meals
  • 115 full-color photos of recipes
  • Tips and tricks to simplify meal planning and cooking for two
  • Answers and solutions to common kitchen questions and concerns
  • Guide to confusing cooking terms
  • Visual guide to various pots and baking dishes